Scotland’s Mystical Valley

The World according to Dina

We Bookfayries 👭 with our fjord deep blue eyes are beings of the North. Our exciting drive through Glencoe gave us the perfect foretaste of the North. In this deserted valley, formed by fire and ice, the most influential literary forgery was set. A dramatic scenery indeed! We couldn’t resist giggling that nearly all European writers believed in Ossian, cleverly invented by Macpherson as “the Homer of the North“. Goethe even quoted parts of  Ossian in his “The Sorrows of Young Werther” –  a rather embarrassing work of his anyhow. For us the scenery of Glencoe radiated Ossianic darkness.

Wir Buchfeen 👭 mit fjordtiefen blauen Augen haben den Norden im Blut. Einen Vorgeschmack des Nordens bot die Fahrt durch Glencoe. In dem vom vulkanischen Feuer geprägten, später vom Eis abgeschliffenen menschenleeren Gebirgstal spielt die berühmteste Fälschung der Literaturgeschichte. Uns blieb die Spucke weg ob dieser dramatischen…

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  1. Dina ha detto:

    Thank you very much for reblogging our work!. It’s highly appreciated!:-)
    Warm greetings from North Norfolk,
    Dina & co

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