Streetart Flash – Gio Pistone @ Saint Petersburg, Russia

Barbara Picci

Gio Pistone @ Saint Petersbur, Russia Gio Pistone @ Saint Petersbur, Russia

Saint Petersbur, Russia: new piece by Italian artist Gio Pistone for the Sam streetArtMuseum.

We live immersed in the Myths.
I do not speak only of ancient mythology in which we sink our roots but also of modern myths in which we live immersed without often understanding its meaning.
The Myth of Progress, of History, of Development, the Myth of Forecasting the Future.
We also live under daily myths like living well through money, love, food.
This happens because it is part of how the humanity itself is made, believing in stories and also because mythology, as religion I think, uses myths to communicate righteous thoughts to communities, to teach the right way of life, a kind of instructions for the human lives, often speeding up the assimilation process by charging them with a good…

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